Session Tips

Tips for Senior Portrait Sessions

Here are some general tips and tricks many of our senior clients have found helpful. If you have any questions, contact us to get some more information to prepare for your session.


Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to prepare yourself for your session. Showing up late or unprepared means you’ll lose time in front of the camera. Give yourself time to prepare so you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself during your session. Don’t worry – our photographers will make sure you look great and have fun while you’re taking pictures.

What to Wear

Select clothes that you look good and feel comfortable in. Make sure your clothing fits you properly. Wear shoes, socks and accessories to match your outfit, so you will look great in close up and full-body poses. Solid, bright colors flatter most skin tones. If you choose to wear a tank top or t-shirt underneath your outfit, be sure it matches your outfit – you don’t want to be able to see it through your clothing or have any straps that don’t match peeking out from your top. When wearing a suit, please arrive having ties pre-tied.

Outfit Changes

Bring any additional outfits you wish to wear on hangers so they don’t get wrinkly before you put them on. It’s a good idea to mix up the styles you wear throughout your session – bring both casual and dressy outfits. Though we don’t limit the amount of outfits you can wear for your session, we suggest no more than 2 outfits per half hour. Each clothing change takes time away from your photography time. Plan your outfits and accessories before you arrive so clothing changes are quick. There is a changing room in our studio, but during an outdoor session you will be limited as to where you can change your clothing.

Hair & Makeup

Arrive to your session with your hair styled and makeup applied. Cut or color your hair about a week in advance, so it looks natural for your photos. It’s not a good idea to try a new hair style the day of your session. If you make any hair style change during your session they should be quick as to not take up too much of your camera time. Makeup should look natural on you. Make sure you wear a foundation that matches your skin tone. Accentuate your eyes and lips, avoiding products with shimmer or glitter. To avoid shine during warm, outdoor sessions, we recommend you wear a translucent face powder.


Don’t worry about your complexion before your photos! Basic retouching will be applied to any poses you purchase at no additional cost before they are printed. This includes removing facial blemishes, acne and softening skin. Guys, It is best to shave right before your session. We can’t retouch a 5 o’clock shadow, but we can retouch nicks and scratches. If you normally wear facial hair, make sure you have freshly trimmed or groomed it before you arrive.

Glasses & Braces

If you wear glasses most of the time, we suggest you remove the lenses from your glasses or check with your eye doctor to see if they will loan you a pair of frames without lenses before your session. Glass glare can be difficult and expensive to retouch. Braces can be removed with the purchase of enhanced retouching.

Bringing Your Own Props

Though our studio has many props and different setups, consider bringing your own personal props to your session. Sporting equipment, musical instruments and theater costumes all make excellent additions to personalize your unique senior portraits.


You’re welcome to have your photos taken with your furry friend! If you’d like to bring a pet to your session, please let the photographer know ahead of time so we can be prepared.

Jewelry & Nails

Jewelry adds a nice touch to your photos if you are comfortable in it. Make sure your nails are clean and nicely groomed before your pictures. Your hands will show in many of your pictures. If you are wearing nail polish, make sure you have no chips.

Friends & Parents

You may want to bring a friend or parent to your session, but try to limit the number of people who join you, as too many people in the studio can become a distraction. Having someone at your session to help with your outfit changes and hair is usually a good idea. We will gladly photograph you with any family members, friends or pets in some of your photos if you wish. Just let the photographer know ahead of time, so they can prepare.

If you need more information or help preparing for your session, please contact us before your appointment.