Communicate, Collaborate & Create!

Kaiser Studio produces hard and soft cover yearbooks for elementary, middle and high schools. Whether your school wants to have complete control over the yearbook or you would rather leave the work to us, the school year will be timelessly commemorated in a high quality, low cost yearbook. Our intuitive software is designed to help your yearbook staff communicate, collaborate and create a beautiful yearbook.

Pictavo Software

Pictavo software is an easy to use, browser-based software with sophisticated design tools, time saving templates and comprehensive project management. Whether you are the school art teacher, a parent helper or a student – Pictavo makes laying out yearbooks a piece of a cake!

Yearbook Cover Options

All yearbooks are printed with heavyweight high quality pages and your choice of a full-color custom cover or one of many designer stock covers. 

Custom Covers

Design a custom yearbook cover using your own artwork or photographs. Click here to explore some of the many options offered for your school’s custom yearbook cover.